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Ferrous And Non - Ferrous Metals With Casting Book

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The Complete Technology Book on Steel and Steel Products (Fasteners, Seamless Tubes, Casting, Rolling of Flat Products & others)

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This book basically deals with structural changes in steel during hot rolling, structural changes during reheating, kinds of grain restoration process, dynamic restoration process, static restoration process, effect of initial grain, size of static re crystallization, effects of temperature and micro alloying, fundamental principles of the metal rolling process, preparing and heating the initial materials, preparations for rolling heating before rolling operations, bolt and nut manufacturing technology, casting of steel for flat products etc. The present book covers different important aspects of steel processing with the casting method of steel for flat products, rolling of rails, wheels and rings, rolling of different steel products, production of fasteners, welded pipes, steel products for the building trade and many more

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The Complete Technology Book on Hot Rolling of Steel

This book provides a descriptive illustration of pre treatment of hot metal, the basic principles of heat treatment, types of hot rolled products, principles of measurement of rolling parameters, steel making refractories, performance characteristics of transducers, causes of gauge variation , main factors affecting gauge performance, gauge control sensors and actuators, automatic gauge control systems, strip tension control system in cold mills, flat rolling practice cold rolling, pack rolling, steelmaking refractories, refining of stainless steels, special considerations in refining stainless steels etc. This book is a unique compilation and it draws together in a single source technical principles of steel making by hot rolling process up to the finished product. This handbook will be very helpful to its readers who are just beginners in this field and will also find useful for upcoming entrepreneurs, engineers, personnel responsible for the operation of hot rolling mills, existing industries, technologist, technical institution etc.

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Steel Rolling Technology Handbook (2nd Revised Edition)

This handbook describes different classes of steel making processes, welding processes and plant & machinery suppliers with their photographs. Techniques of steelmaking have undergone vast changes in scale and new processes have been developed to meet the demands of speed, quantity and quality. There are various hot mills involved in the production of steel plate mill, hot strip mill, bar and rod mills etc. This handbook deliberated on the fundamental of mechanical working and its theory in a very simpler way. In addition it describes statistical methods of quality control, total quality management, quality assurance & raw material which are used in making of steel. The major contents of the handbook are fusion welding processes, grinding and abrasive processes, width change by rolling and pressing, metallurgical defects in cast slabs and hot rolled products, primary steel-making processes, optimization and control of width change process, fundamentals of metal casting, steel making technology, basic principles of width change, plate mills, hot strip mills, quality assurance, testing and inspection, bar and rod mills. It will be a standard reference book for professionals, entrepreneurs, those studying and researching in this important area and others interested in the field of steel rolling.

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The Complete Book on Ferrous, Non-Ferrous Metals with Casting and Forging Technology

This handbook gives a concise description of the fascinating on the state-of-the-art technology of the casting and forging process of metals and metal alloys. This book contains precise details on production of ferrous and non ferrous metals, its casting and forging process along with their alloys. It is hoped that this book will find very helpful to all its readers who are just beginners in this field and will also find useful for existing industries, technocrats, technical institutions, etc.

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The Complete Technology Book on Aluminium and Aluminium Products

This book basically deals with aluminium production, heat treatable and non heat treatable alloys, properties of cast aluminium alloys, testing of liquid & soldification contraction of aluminium alloys, trends in the improving economic use of aluminium, laboratory investigation of carbon anode consumption in the electrolytic production of aluminium, alumina extraction from a pennsylvania diaspore clay by an ammonium sulfate process, the recovery of alumina from its ores by a sulfuric acid process, initial softening in some aluminium base precipitation hardening alloys, basic properties of aluminium foil, how to select a flexible foil packaging laminate, printing on aluminium foil, designing aluminium foil packs etc. The present book covers the need within the industrial and academic communities for up to date information about production of aluminium and extrusion process due to the ever increasing use of this technology. The book provides concepts in the different areas of extrusion technology. It is hoped that its presentation will be very helpful to new entrepreneurs, technocrats, research scholars, libraries and existing units.

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Handbook on Steel Bars, Wires, Tubes, Pipes, S.S. Sheets Production with Ferrous Metal Casting & Processing

The book provides a full characterization of steel, including structure, chemical composition, classifications, physical properties, production practices of different steel products, processing of ferrous metals and so on. It will prove to be a laymans guide for the entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in the ventures related to Iron and Steel Industries, as it contains information related to processing of ferrous metals and production practices followed in Steel products manufacturing units. The text discusses the importance and objectives of processes and material used for the production of disposable products. Many examples have been provided to illustrate the concepts discussed. The topics covered in the book are: Casting of Ferrous Metals, Heat Treatment of Ferrous Metals, Stamping Process of Ferrous Metals, Forming Process of Ferrous Metals, Machining Process of Ferrous Metals, Joining Process of Ferrous Metals, Production of Stainless Steel Wire, Production and Fabrication of Steel Bars, Steel Tube & Pipe, Stainless Steel Sheet and Different Grades of Stainless Steel.

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Steel and Iron Handbook

Beginning with a brief introduction to the ferrous alloys and metals, types and production of cast iron, production of compacted Graphite Irons, Ductile Iron, Malleable Cast Iron and current status of steel making together with the reasons for obsolescence of Bessemer converter and open hearth processes, the book moves on to: elaborate the physiochemical principles involved in steel making; explain the operational principles and practices of the modern processes of primary steel making (LD converter, Q-BOP process, and electric arc furnace process); provide a summary of the developments in secondary refining of steels; discuss principles and practices of ingot casting and continuous casting of steels; discusses the defects in the steel produced and also the remedies for their removal. This book provides considerable information in an easily assimilable form and makes an ideal introduction to the complex subject of steel technology.

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The Complete Book on Ferroalloys

The Complete Book on Ferroalloys (Ferro Manganese, Ferro Molybdenum, Ferro Niobium, Ferro Boron, Ferro Titanium, Ferro Tungsten, Ferro Silicon, Ferro Nickel, Ferro Chrome) This book concisely presents the core principles and varied details involved in processing of ferroalloys. The work includes detailed coverage of the major products like ferroaluminium, ferrosilicon, ferronickel, ferromolybdenum, ferrotungsten, ferrovanadium, ferromanganese and lesser known minor ferroalloys. Progress in thermodynamics and physico-chemical factors in ferroalloy production has developed rapidly during the past twenty-five years or so. The book presents the principles and current knowledge of processes in the production of various ferroalloys. The production of a particular ferroalloy involves a number of processes to be followed in order to give the alloy desired physical and mechanical properties. The slight difference in the temperature or heating or composition can lead to entirely different alloy with different properties. This book is not only confined to the different processes followed in the production of ferroalloys but also describes the processes used and other information related to product, which are necessary for the manufacturers knowledge. Also, the book gives the reader appropriate knowledge regarding the selection the best of available raw materials.


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