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Petroleum - Greases -Petrochemicals Books

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Lubricating Oils, Greases and Petroleum Products Manufacturing Handbook

The lubricants market is growing due to the growing automotive industry, increased consumer awareness and government regulations regarding lubricants. Lubricants are used in vehicles to reduce friction, which leads to a longer lifespan and reduced wear and tear on the vehicles. The growth of lubricants usage in the automotive industry is mainly due to an increasing demand for heavy duty vehicles and light passenger vehicles, and an increase in the average lifespan of the vehicles. As saving conventional resources and cutting emissions and energy have become central environmental matters, the lubricants are progressively attracting more consumer awareness.

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The Complete Book on Distillation and Refining of Petroleum Products (Lubricants, Waxes and Petrochemicals)

Some of the fundamental of the book are the nature of petroleum, crude oil processing, distillation in the petroleum industry, refining of lubricating oils, petrolatum, and waxes, residue fluidized catalytic cracking, chemical thermodynamics of petroleum , benefits of biodiesel produced from vegetable oil, petroleum products used as fuel oils, manufacture of asphalt from petroleum, petroleum waxes, chlorinated waxes, synthesis gas etc. The book presents information and data which will help oil companies, large scale users of commercial petroleum products in efficient storage, handling and utilization of these products. Different formulae, processes for the production of petroleum products are given in this book. This will be very useful book for new entrepreneurs, existing units, technocrats, researchers, institutional libraries etc.

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Modern Technology of Petroleum, Greases, Lubricants & Petro Chemicals (Lubricating Oils, Cutting Oil, Additives, Refining, Bitumen, Waxes with Process and Formulations) 3rd Revised Edition

Some of the fundamentals of the book are types of lubricating oils, crankcase oils, gear oils, metal working oils, metal drawing oils, spindle and other textile oils, steam turbine oils, synthetic lubricants, formulations and com pounding of lubricants, additives for straight mineral oil gear lubricants, raw materials for lubricants, equipments for lubricants manufacture, reclamation of used lubricating oil, nature of contaminants in used lubricating oil, gravity methods of purification, metal forming and deforming lubricant, cutting oils, heat treatment oils, greases, sodium soap greases, lithium soap greases, aluminium soap greases, mixed soap greases, complex soap greases etc. The objective of this book is to furnish comprehensive information about nearly all prominent types of lubricants, greases and petrochemicals. This book covers formulae, processes of various petroleum items. This book is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs, existing units, professionals, institutions etc.

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Manufacturing of Petroleum Products

The petroleum waxes are semi refined or fully refined products obtained during the processing of crude oil. According to their structure they are divided into macrocrystalline waxes (paraffin waxes) and microcrystalline waxes (ceresine, petrolatum, others). Grease, thick, oily lubricant consisting of inedible lard, the rendered fat of waste animal parts, or a petroleum-derived or synthetic oil containing a thickening agent. Greases of mineral or synthetic origin consist of a thickening agent dispersed in a liquid lubricant such as petroleum oil or a synthetic fluid.

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Petroleum & Petroleum Products Technology Handbook

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Petroleum & Petroleum Products Technology Handbook (Thermal Cracking of Pure Saturated Hydrocarbons, Petroleum Asphalts, Refinery Products, Blending and Compounding, Oil Refining and Residual Fuel Oils)


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