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The Complete Book on Jute & Coir Products (with Cultivation & Processing) 2nd Revised Edition

The Complete Book on Jute & Coir Products (with Cultivation & Processing) 2nd Revised Edition

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Jute is a natural fiber popularly known as the golden fiber. It has gained its name as olden fibre due to its shiny brown colour. The fibre is affordable to all the consumers and is completely biodegradable. It is one of the cheapest and the strongest of all natural fibers and considered as fiber of the future. Jute is second only to cotton in world's production of textile fibers. Jute fibers are composed primarily of the plant materials cellulose and lignin. Jute is the name of the plant or fiber used to make burlap, hessian or gunny cloth.

 Coir is a versatile natural fibre extracted from mesocarp tissue, or husk of the coconut fruit Generally fibre is of golden color when cleaned after removing from coconut husk; and hence the name ” The Golden Fibre”.

 Both coir and jute are natural fibers and come from sustainable products. Coir comes from the husks of coconuts that were typically discarded. It is harvested by hand and soaked in water to soften the fibers, which are then woven together. Jute fiber comes from the stem of the jute plant and is the second most important vegetable fiber, after cotton, when it comes to production and use.


Global jute market on the basis of type, covering jute sack bags and jute shopping bags. Currently, jute sack bags dominate the market, accounting for the majority of the sales volume. Growing environmental awareness among the masses has also created an inclination toward natural and biodegradable products, like jute bags, over plastic bags. This, along with many government initiatives, is bolstering the jute industry. For instance, the Government of India has mandated the packaging of food grain and sugar in jute bags. Some of the key players operative in the market include Aarbur, Ashoka Exports, Hitaishi-KK, Howrah Mills Co. Ltd., Shree Jee International India Ltd. and Gloster Limited.

 The growing demand for eco-friendly products in the market is where coir should fast step in. It is a lightweight, soilless growing medium made from the fibers which completely renewable and considered an excellent choice for environmental sustainability. The efforts support the market expansion for coir and the Asia Pacific hopes to further increase production by streamlining the fiber collection process to meet demand.

 The Major contents of the Book are BIS Specifications, Jute: an eco-friendly opportunity for a sustainable Future, Green Marketing Of Jute and Jute Products, The Jute And Jute Textiles Industry, Jute Cultivation, Potentiality of coir for salient application, Coconut Cultivation, Scheme for the Development of Coir Production Line, Step-by Step approach to start a Coir Industry, Coir Geotextiles, Eco-friendly and natural image of coir, Jute Yarn, Sutli& Hessian Cloth, Jute Twine (Jute Rope), Gunny Bags, Jute Garments, Jute Shopping Bags, Gunny Bags (Jute Bags) Manufacturing, Handmade Paper from Jute, Environment Pollution and Effluent Treatment of Jute, Coir Fibre, Coir Pith, Biomass Charcoal Briquetting from Jute and Coir Waste, Rubberized Coir Mattresses, Coir Pith for Absorption and Recovery of Oil from Contaminated Sites, Application of Coir in Agricultural Textiles, Manufacture of Coir Corrugated Roofing Sheet, Coir Machinery Manufacturers, Plant Layout & Process Flow Sheet and Machinery, Equipment and Product Photograph.

A total guide to manufacturing and entrepreneurial success in one of today’s Jute &Coir Products industry. This book is one-stop guide to one of the fastest growing sectors of the Jute & Coir Products industry, where opportunities abound for manufacturers, retailers, and entrepreneurs. This is the only complete handbook on the commercial production of Jute & Coir Products. It serves up a feast of how-to information, from concept to purchasing equipment.

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