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Essential Oils And Food Colours Books

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The Complete Technology Book of Essential Oils (Aromatic Chemicals) Reprint-2011

This book describes about the physicochemical properties, chemical composition, distillation, yield, quality of essential oils, process of extraction of essential oils, manufacture of essential oils, products derived from essential oils and so on. The book in your hands contains formulae, processes, and test parameters of different types of essential oils derived from different natural sources. This is very helpful book for new entrepreneurs, professionals, institutions and for those who are already engaged in this field.

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The Complete Technology Book on Herbal Perfumes and Cosmetics (2nd Revised Edition)

To exploit the knowledge that has got the genesis in our country the book aims to provide recourse of pragmatic formulae of diversified herbal perfumes and cosmetics. Over all, the book contains formulae, processes, technicalities which are immensely innovative and profoundly utilitarian for new entrepreneur as well as motivate the existing units in quality improvement and cost reduction. The major contents of the book are creation of herbal perfumes, blending of fragrances, principle of manufacture, infrared spectra of pure herbal products, application of herbal products in body care, facial care, hair care, list of raw materials used for the creation of perfumery, manufacturing procedures for the preparation of toilet products, formulas of different types of perfumery, list of perfumes and cosmetics, photographs and details of machineries, toiletries manufactures and machinery suppliers in directory section. The book is highly recommended to new entrepreneurs, existing units who wants to diversify from synthetic to herbal products, research centers, professionals and libraries.

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Food Colours, Flavours and Additives Technology Handbook

This book basically deals with food colorimetry, synthetic colours used food, manufacture of synthetic organic colours for food, analysis of synthetic food colours, synthetic dyes, aluminium lakes, inorganic pigments, the influence of colour on sensory, perception and food choices etc. This particular publication will guide to our food technologists, agriculturists and management of planning commission to tackle their problem efficiently. This book is very useful for new entrepreneurs, professionals, research institutions, libraries, for those who want to diversify in the field of food colours, flavours and additives technology.

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The Complete Technology Book on Flavours, Fragrances and Perfumes

This book basically deals with the roots and the evolution of perfumery, the part of hedonism, how perfumery is linked to the other fine arts, the art of composition, conclusion, introduction, fragrancing of functional products, line extensions, perfumery for household products, floral series : rose notes, jasmin notes, hyacinth notes, lilac and lily, orange blossom notes, tuberose notes, violet notes, mignonette, woody series: sandal notes, peppery notes, caryophyllaceous notes, introduction, aroma composition of various teas, flavory ceylon black tea, keemun black tea, green tea, pouchong tea and jasmine tea, lotus tea, soap manufacture, raw materials, shaving soap, transparent soaps, super fatted toilet soaps, the milling process, coloured soaps, perfumes, soap compounds, acacia, almond, almond soap, amber soap, buttermilk, brown windsor, carnation, chypre, cologne, cyclamen, fougere, heliotrope, hyacinth, jasmin, lavender, lilac, lily, etc. This book contains formulae and processes of various types of flavours, fragrances and perfumes. New entrepreneurs, technocrats, research scholars can get good knowledge from this book.

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Perfumes and Flavours Technology Handbook

The odours are classified in various kinds such as floral, woody, rustic, balsamic, fruity, animal etc. There are numerous types of applications of perfumes in modern industrialized society such as perfumes used in soaps & detergents, paints, adhesives, air deodorants, cosmetics, toilet & beauty preparations, textiles, beverages, foods, medicines, and many more. The global flavour industry can be characterized as highly technical, specialized, and innovative. This industry is highly competitive and concentrated, compared to other product categories within the food and beverage market. The global flavours market is predicted to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 2% per annum. The present book deals with the new techniques & manufacturing processes with formulae of different useful and demandable perfumes and flavours. This book will definitely help not only to perfumers & flavour chemists but to all upcoming entrepreneurs, scientists, technocrats etc.

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Food Flavours Technology Handbook

Price: 1075 INR/Piece

This book is intended to be a practical companion to the flavourist, technologists, entrepreneurs, libraries or for those who are already in the field of manufacturing.

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Essential Oils Handbook

Price: 975 INR/Piece

With the development of science and technology, essential oils are becoming popular due to its uses in the manufacturing of different products. This versatile book takes recourse to most pragmatic formulae on diversified essential oils. Overall the book contains formulae, processes which are immensely innovative and profoundly utilitarian for new entrepreneurs as well as motivate the existing units in quality improvement and cost reduction.

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Modern Technology Of Perfumes, Flavours And Essential Oils (2nd Edition)

Price: 975 INR/Piece

This versatile book takes way out to most realistic formulae on diversified perfumery products, flavors, essential oils etc. Taken as a whole, the book furnishes complete formulae with processes along with the technical aspect which are enormously innovative and profoundly utilitarian for new entrepreneurs as well as will act as a source of motivation to the existing units in quality improvement and cost reduction. Flow diagrams for various methods of preparation are vivid representations of the process sequence, Sequence. The enclosure section in the book also has a directory on Sources of raw materials; plant and machinery.


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