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  • Project Report on Bamboo and Bamboo Products Consulting Services
  • The Complete Book on Glass and Ceramics Technology (2nd Revised Edition)
    Glass-ceramics are mostly produced in two steps: First, a glass is formed by a glass-manufacturing process. The glass is cooled down and is then reheated in a second step. In this heat treatment the glass partly crystallizes. In most cases nucleation agents are added to the base composition of the glass-ceramic. These nucleation agents aid and control the crystallization process. Glass-ceramics are fine-grained polycrystalline materials formed when glasses of suitable compositions are heat treated and thus undergo controlled crystallization to the lower energy, crystalline state. It is important to emphasize a number of points in this statement on glass ceramics.Glass ceramics has helped the electronics industry build much smaller and highly efficient transistors, leading to advances in all types of devices. The book covers almost all important aspects of Glass and Ceramic Industry: Properties, Applications, Manufacturing, Processing and Photographs of Plant &Machinery with Suppliers Contact Details. The major contents of the book are types of glasses, silicate glasses, boric oxide and borate glasses, phosphorus pentoxide and phosphate glasses, germanium dioxide and germanate glasses, titanate glasses, nitrate glasses, glasses based on water, halide glasses, modern glass working, monax and pyrex glass, electric welding, photo electric cells, glassy metals, analysis of glass, glass ceramics, ceramics as electrical materials, analysis of ceramics etc. The book will be useful to the consultants, technocrats, research scholars, libraries and existing units and new entrepreneurswho will find a good base to work further in this field.
  • The Complete Technology on Meat, Poultry and Fish Processing 2nd Revised Edn Books
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Detailed Project Report on Best and Most Profitable 5 Manufacturing Business Ideas.
Best and Most Profitable 5 Manufacturing Business Ideas. A-2 Cow Milk Processing (Milk, Butter, Ghee & Paneer), Industrial and Pharmaceutical Grade Starch from Cassava, Maize and Tacca Roots, Non-Woven Geotextile, Milk Powder (Baby Milk for 0 to 5 year, Milk Powder for Coffee and Tea), and Copper Wire Drawing & Enamelling.
Small Scale Business Ideas
If you have an interest in starting a new business, one of the best options is to invest in Spices and Condiment Manufacturing. Spices and condiments are essential ingredients for everyday cooking, from seasonings on your meatloaf to toppings on your cupcakes. Consumers are favoring natural flavorings over artificial flavorings. The global market for spices and condiments is estimated at USD 78.09 billion in 2018, and is projected to reach USD 109.65 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 5.5%; thus creating opportunities for Entrepreneurs.
Business Plan for Vehicle Scrapping Unit
A Vehicle Scrapping Unit (VSU) is a facility or business where vehicle dismantlers (often referred to as scrappers) dismantle and recycle old, unwanted, and derelict vehicles.
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Niir Project Consultancy Services is respected in the Indian marketplace as a one stop shop offering the best of Business Services and Books. We are serving as a manufacturer and service provider and offering cost-effective Business Startup Consulting Services, Business Plan for Startup Business Services, Chemical Industry Books, Pharmaceutical Drugs Handbook, etc. Our company is led by Mr. Ajay Kr. Gupta, whose in-depth business knowledge has been helping all our professionals contribute their best in steadily progressing business operations and attracting growth. The successful growth of our company stems from their commitment to offer the best of solutions matching customers needs.

Quality Assurance 

In this challenging marketplace, we are rising in the field by focusing on maintaining right quality in our business operations. We, as a company, are focused towards retaining clients, and make certain the best of books are produced at our facility. Apart from this, we ensure every service, be it Industrial Project Reports Consulting Services or Business Startup Consulting Services or any other is rendered in a manner that provides nothing below profitable returns to customers. We have a smart team to ensure every project of books production and consultancy service is rendered with complete professionalism. 

Market Research & Development

We have a special R&D team to help other members stay updated with the latest market trends and processes and execute all the projects expertly. This team conducts surveys to determine feasibility of every projects and helps professionals deliver projects within the committed frame of time. 

Our Range

Keeping focus over growing requirements of buyers, we are offering a number of books and services; some of which are listed below:

  • Project Consultancy
  • Detailed Project Reports
  • Market Surveys
  • Books on Chemicals, Food, Water Treatment and more
  • Business Directories

Our Clientele

Since our beginning in the year 1996, we have been prioritizing wants of customers and for meeting the same, we have been committing to timely delivering every project. We have experts to carefully study exact needs of customers and provide them solutions exceeding their expectations. 

Why Choose Us?

Our company is enjoying a huge market share with the support of the following:

  • Wide network of supplying books
  • Professionals well versed in rendering customized services
  • Marking our best rates for all our offerings
  • Clear and authentic business deals 

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