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Gums Adhesives And Sealants Books

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Adhesives Formulary Handbook (Reprint)

Some of the fundamentals of the book are water based industrial type adhesives, home construction and related adhesives, water based wallpaper adhesive, fabric adhesives, water based adhesive for bonding non woven fabric to non woven fabric by knife coating, film adhesives, water based food packing adhesive for bonding, flocking adhesives, foam adhesives, water based adhesive for bonding urethane, industrial adhesives, bag seam and bottom paste adhesives, solid fiber, fiberboard and corrugated board adhesives, packaging adhesives etc.

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Handbook on Speciality Gums Adhesives Oils Rosin Derivatives Resins Oleoresins Katha Chemicals with other Natural Products

This book contains process of forest based products like Gums, Resins, Oleoresins, Essential Oils and other natural products obtained from Indian forests. It gives an insight of richness and vastness of the forest wealth. This book is first of its kind, which covers comprehensive treasure of information on a wide variety of products. This is very resourceful book for students, growers and marketing agencies, country where there is rich flora and fauna awaiting proper exploitation, production and utilization.

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The Complete Technology Book on Industrial Adhesives

This book basically deals with adhesive properties and general characteristics, adhesive materials and properties, adhesives types, thermoplastic adhesives, thermosetting adhesives, rubber resin blends, properties of basic adhesives types, acrylics acrylic acid diesters, allyl diglycol, carbonate, animal glues, blood albumen, butadiene styrene rubbers, butyl rubber and polyisobutylene casein, cellulose derivatives, cellulose acetate, acetate butyrate cellulose, caprate cellulose, nitrate (nitrocellulose or pyroxylin), ethyl cellulose, hydroxy ethyl cellulose, methyl cellulose and sodium carboxy methyl cellulose, ceramic or refractory inorganic adhesives, cyanoacrylates, epoxy adhesives, epoxy nylon, epoxy polyamide, epoxy polysulphide, epoxy polyurethane, fish glue, furanes etc.


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