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Handbook on Citrus Fruits Cultivation and Oil Extraction

Handbook on Citrus Fruits Cultivation and Oil Extraction

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Citrus fruits are produced all around the world. They contain healthy nutrition content that works wonders for the body. Citrus fruits act as a fabulous source of vitamin C and a wide range of essential nutrients required by the body. India only represents a mere 4% of global citrus fruit production. But now a day, there is a rise in its cultivation. This rise in citrus production is mainly due to the increase in cultivation areas & the change in consumer preferences towards more health & convenience food consumption & the rising incomes. Citrus fruits have long been valued as part of a nutritious and tasty diet. The flavours provided by citrus are among the most preferred in the world, and it is increasingly evident that citrus not only tastes good, but is also good for people. It is well established that citrus and citrus products are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber (non starch polysaccharides) that are essential for normal growth and development and overall nutritional well being. However, it is now beginning to be appreciated that these and other biologically active, non nutrient compounds found in citrus and other plants (phytochemicals) can also help to reduce the risk of many chronic diseases. Appropriate dietary guidelines and recommendations that encourage the consumption of citrus fruit and their products can lead to widespread nutritional benefits across the population. All citrus fruit is acid fruit. The acid fruits are the most detoxifying fruits and excellent foods. Lemon oil is obtained from the fruits of citrus Limonum, Risso (Rutaceae). Although the majority of commercially available essential oils are extracted from the original botanical material by use of steam distillation, most citrus essential oils are extracted by pressing the rinds of the citrus fruits. The oil of sweet orange is obtained from the fruits of citrus Aurantium Risso and the oil of bitter orange from fruits of citrus Bigaradia Risso (Auranciacae). Orange Essential Oil is energizing and is usually well loved by men, women and children. Citrus fruit oils are cheaper than most other essential oils. Lemon or sweet orange oils that are obtained as by products of the citrus industry are even cheaper.
Some of the fundamentals of the book are botanical classification, classification of genus citrus, criteria for citrus classification, information on important citrus fruits, subgenus fucitrus (edible citrus fruits), citrus cultivation, citrus fruits, kinnow mandarin, citrus fruit breeding, soil inspection for citrus family, nutrition for citrus world, proper harvesting of citrus, post harvesting of citrus fruits, etc.
This handbook on citrus fruits provides relevant information on most citrus crops, the basics of citriculture & production, pre & post harvest management, picking, storage etc. Selected topics on oil extraction of citrus fruits are also given to provide knowledge of the techniques used. This book will be helpful for technocrats, farmers, research scholar, institutions etc.
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