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Herbal And Medicinal Products Books

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Herbal Cosmetics Handbook 3rd Revised Edition Books

We are highly acclaimed in this industry for providing an optimum quality of Herbal Cosmetics Handbook 3rd Revised Edition Books. These are beneficial for entrepreneurs, industrialists and all the people who are seeking the detail information. Apart from these, we ensure that our books can be customized as per the demands of patrons. Herbal Cosmetics Handbook 3rd Revised Edition Books are able to cover the aspects of skincare and color cosmetics. These are also give idea while analysing the test method.

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The Complete Technology Book on Herbal Beauty Products with Formulations and Processes (2nd Edition)

Price: 1695 INR/Piece

Some of the basic fundamentals of the book are herbal body care, herbal combinations for the bath, herbal perfumes, herbal perfumes flower based rose, herbal perfumes (special type), herbal toilet waters, lavender water, amber lavender, herbal toilet preparations, herbal skin care products, herbal treatments, herbal medicines, analysis of medicinal plants, manufacturers of standardized herbal extracts, phytochemicals and essential oils in India etc. This book contains the formula and manufacturing processes of herbal products. An attempt to blend ancient and modern science as well as art could be fruitful and such attempts must be carried out on sound scientific basis. The book is very resourceful for research scholars, technocrats, institutional libraries and entrepreneurs who want to enter into the field of manufacturing herbal beauty products.

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Compendium of Medicinal Plants

Medicinal plants are not only a major resource base for the traditional medicine & herbal industry but also provide livelihood and health security to a large segment of Indian population. Medicinal plants are resources of new drugs. Medicinal plants are important for human health. These plants have been used from the prehistoric times to present day. These plants based medicines are consumed in all civilizations. It is believed that the herbal medicine can give good effect to body without causing side effects to humans life. Besides, the usage of medical plants has been increasing as an important role that can support the economic system. The medical plants for health are used as herbal treatments and therapies that can be new habits for culture. Medicinal plants constitute a large segment of the flora, which provide raw materials for use by various industries. They have been used in the country for a long time for their medicinal properties. These plants are staging a comeback and herbal renaissance is happening all over the globe. The herbal medicines today symbolise safety in contrast to the synthetics that are regarded as unsafe to human and environment. Although herbs had been priced for their medicinal, flavouring and aromatic qualities for centuries, the synthetic products of the modern age surpassed their importance, for a while. However, the blind dependence on synthetics is over and people are returning to the naturals with hope of safety and security. The decision to cultivate medicinal herbs should only be made in response to demand for particular herbs. The market is very competitive and could easily be oversupplied.

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Herbal Cosmetics Handbook Formulae, Manufacturing Processes With Machinery &equipment Details

Herbal cosmetics are formulated, using different cosmetic ingredients to form the base in which one or more herbal ingredients are used to cure various skin ailments. Herbal cosmetics are natural and free from all the harmful synthetic chemicals which otherwise may prove to be toxic to the skin. Compared to other beauty products, natural cosmetics are safe to use.

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Cultivation and Utilization of Aromatic Plants

This book basically deals with cultivation of matricaria chamomilla, present agro production technology status of celery, cultivation of ocimum gratissimum linn. var clocimum, the production and perfume potential of jasminum collections, chemical modification of turmeric oil to more value added products, biologically active compounds from turpentine oil, folk medicinal uses of indigenous aromatic plants in nepal , traditional uses of selected aromatic plants of bhutan and their cultivation prospects, blending aspects of perfumes with turpentine constituents, the chemistry of mint flavour, essential oils of cinnamomum species, citral containing cymbopogon species etc.. The aim of publishing this book is to provide multidisciplinary information on aromatic plants. The book covers method of cultivation and utilization of various aromatic plants. This is very useful book for farmers, technocrats, agriculture universities, libraries, new entrepreneurs etc.

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Handbook on Unani Medicines with Formulae, Processes, Uses and Analysis

This book majorly deals with the, habitat, description, procedure and time of collection, chemical constituents, method of processing, therapeutic uses of medicinal plants. This book also constitutes the list of institutes of Unani medicines, list of college of Unani medicines in India, world importers of natural medicine. This publication is one of its kinds which clearly indicate the usefulness of Unani medicine, shows how the plant secrets, preserve the natural secrets/ hormones/ juices which ultimately uses in Unani system of medicine. This book is most informative and useful for students, Research scholars and scientist. We hope this book will achieve the long standing demand of herbal chemists.

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Hand Book on Herbal Drugs and its Plant Sources

The major content of this book are an ancient drug for filariasis, tribal remedies against snake bite and scorpion stings in Rajasthan, traditional herbal contraceptives from North-West Uttar Pradesh, cervical spondylosis through herbal drugs, medicinal uses of cucurbits, traditional Chinese herbal drugs in the light of scientific studies, significant medical plant, medicinal and poisonous plants in history. This particular book clearly describes chemical analysis, the original source drugs, biological activity, herbal preparation of medicine, and many more. This book also contains description of more than 200 medicinal plants which is beneficial to scientists and scholars.

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Herbal Foods and its Medicinal Values

The major contents of the book are carbohydrates, chemistry of carbohydrates daily requirement of carbohydrates, proteins, chemistry of proteins, some Indian food preparations rich in proteins, dynamic action of vitamin A, absorption and excretion of vitamin A, medicinal uses of ripe mango, mango in the treatment of night blindness etc. This book for the first time reveals the exact medicinal characteristics and how it works and cures the different disease to make mankind healthy. This book is very useful for scientists, doctors, scholars as well as entrepreneurs.

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Herbal Cosmetics & Ayurvedic Medicines (EOU) (3rd Revised Edition)

the book are: Analysis of Creams, Infra-Red Spectrophotometer In Cosmetic Analysis, Infra Red Spectrophotometer In Cosmetic Analysis, Analysis of Creams, Analysis of Shampoos, Lal Tooth Powder, Bath and Massage Oil, Sun Care/Skin Lightening Compound, Herbal Liver Tonic, Vicks Like Compound, hair oil, Eye Drops, Packaging Criteria for Cosmetics and Toiletries, Vicks Like Compound, Cosmetics for Elderly People, Cough Syrup, Colour in Cosmetics, Herbal Liver Tonic, Herbal Formulation, Medicinal Herbs as Cosmetics, Medicinal & Massage Oils, Herbal Cosmetic Cream for Dry Skin, Herbal Deodorant Roll On, Drug Standardization, Guide Lines on GMP, Premises and Equipment Requirements, Aloe Gel, Tablets and Capsule, Sandalwood Oil and Machinery Section. The Third Revised Edition of Herbal cosmetics and Ayurvedic medicines (EOU) also includes photographs of machinery and equipments with addresses of their manufacturers. The book in general will be beneficial for entrepreneurs, industrialists, project consultants, libraries and in general all those looking for detail information.

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Handbook on Ayurvedic Medicines with Formulae, Processes and Their Uses (2nd Revised Edition)

Ayurvedic medicine (also called Ayurveda) is one of the worlds oldest medical systems. It originated in India and has evolved there over thousands of years. It is a holistic healing science. Ayurvedic practice involves the use of medications that typically contain herbs, metals, minerals, or other materials. Now-a-days people are attracted more towards Ayurvedic medicines as the allopathic medicines are costlier and have side effects. There is more and more scientific research being conducted in our country for treatment of various diseases by Ayurvedic and herbal therapy. Research on medicinal and cosmetic uses of herbs is contributing to the growth of herbal industry. A large number of ailments have Ayurvedic treatment much superior to the other system of medicines and this has been recognized world over.

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Modern Technology of Cosmetics

The manufacture of cosmetics is not a new phenomenon and has been in use from several decades ago. The book is on the modern technology used in cosmetic industry. The attempt made in this book is to advance the older methods and provide the latest formulae and techniques to manufacture to enhance their knowledge. The content of the book include chapters on Hair Structure and Chemistry Structure of Hair Keratin, Sunburn Preparations, Shampoos, Detergents Thickeners and foam Stabilisers, Perfumes, Preservatives, pacifiers and Pearlisers, Conditioning Agents, Colours and Colour Fading Other Additives, Conditioners, Cationic Surfactants, Cationic Polymers and Other Active Ingredients, Bodying Agents, etc. The chapters are dealt in great detail for the proper understanding and concept development. The clear understanding will serve beneficial purpose, thats why the book is highly recommended for entrepreneurs, industrialists, research centres, technologist and libraries.

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Hand Book on Herbal Products (Medicines, Cosmetics, Toiletries, Perfumes) 2 Vols.

Herbal products combine the skills of specialists in chemistry, physics, biology, medicine and herbs. These are less likely to cause any damaging effect to health. These days a number of products that are using the herbal formulae have got lot of attention and have been witnessing a huge rise in demand not only nationally but on international arena. Bath and beauty products use herbs for both their scents and therapeutic qualities. Herbal products are replacing the synthetics products because of its harsh nature. Herbal products are in huge demand in the developed world for health care for the reason that they are efficient, safe and have lesser side effects. The formulations based on herbs are safe and effective. Both the volumes covers processes, formulations, analysis methods with the addresses of raw material and machinery suppliers, project profiles, list of manufacturers, exporters and overseas importers of various herbal medicines, cosmetics, perfumes and toiletries.

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Herbs Cultivation & Medicinal Uses (2nd Edition)

India is one of the leading Herbs producer and exporter in the world. Several meticulous researches were conducted and experimented with herbs. They arrived at more precise conclusions about the usefulness of diverse plants and herbs that are utilized in different fields like medicine. Ayurveda is the time honoured therapeutic form, prevailing in India since 2000 B.C. The Ayurveda healing is completely based on herbs, which have definite medicinal importance or significance.

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Herbs Cultivation & Their Utilization

The book makes an attempt to provide information on cultivation and utilization of herbs. The book also contains the described process of the cultivation of medicinal herbs, spices etc with photograph and diagrams. This book also describes about the role of perfumery, analysis of essential oils and flavors, recent development of some natural products and more. This book covers the comprehensive information on herbs cultivation & their utilization. We hope that this book will be very helpful for new Entrepreneurs, Herb Growers, professionals & research Institutions.

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Compendium of Herbal Plants

India is one of the leading Herbs producer and exporter in the world. Several meticulous researches were conducted and experimented with herbs. They arrived at more precise conclusions about the usefulness of diverse plants and herbs that are utilized in different fields like medicine, cosmetics, perfumes and so on. Herbal plants have been used for medicinal applications from earliest time, when man began caring for his body and health. The Ayurveda healing is completely based on herbs, which have definite medicinal importance or significance. In the primeval times, the Indian sagacious held the view that ayurveda herbs are the only resolution to treat numeral health related problems and diseases. Herbal products are replacing the synthetics products because of its harsh nature

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Cultivation and Processing of Selected Medicinal Plants

This book basically deals with therapeutic potential of medicinal plants, medicinal plants priorities in Indian medicines diverse studies and implications, recent developments of some natural products, production and management of medical plants on farms, classification, identification and naming of medicinal plants, pests and pest management in medicinal plants, Ajmalicine (Raubasine): a medicinally important alkaloid from catharanthus roseus (vinca rosea), cultivation of rutin bearing eucalyptus species, iridoids and secoiridoids of the genus swertia, studies on medico ethnobotany, tropical periwinkle, tulsi, etc. The present book covers cultivation practices of selected commercially important medicinal plants with their processing details and uses. The book is very resourceful for medicinal plants growers, professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs and agriculture universities.

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The Complete Book on Jatropha (Bio-Diesel) with Ashwagandha, Stevia, Brahmi & Jatamansi Herbs (Cultivation, Processing & Uses)

This book is describes about the medical properties, important uses and applications, cultivation, chemical constituents, harvesting and post harvesting, yield and other properties of herbs like safed mulsi, brahmi, jatamansi, ashwagandha, senna, shatavari and more. This book also deals with biodiesel, biofuel and petro crops : an alternative to conventional fuels, the potential of jatropha curcas in rural development and environment protection, prospects of expanding market for use of jatropha oil, jatropha: potential as insecticide/pesticide etc. The present system of medicine is gradually gaining popularity mainly because of less or no toxic or side effects of herbal drugs. So, these herbs have very good future prospects globally. This book contains cultivation, processing and uses of Jatropha, Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Stevia rebaudiana, Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) and Jatamansi (Nardostachys Jatmansi DC.). This book will prove to be an invaluable resource for researchers, technocrats, agriculturist, agriculture universities etc.

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Handbook on Medicinal Herbs with Uses

This book illustrates the cultivation, utilization of Abelmoschus Moschatus, Abroma Augusta, Abrus Precatorius, Abutilon Indicum, Acacia Arabica, Acacia Catechu,AcaciaFernesiana, Acanthus Ilicifolius, Achillea Millefolium, Achyranthes Aspera, Aconitum Napellus, Aconitum Heterophyllum,Acorus Calamus, Adansonia Degitata, Adina Cordifolia Adhatoda Vasika, Adonis Vernalis, Aegle Marmels, Aerua Lanata, Aesculus Hippocastanum, Aethusa Cynapium etc. The book contains systematic account of the most important plants used in medicines. Each chapter covers botanical description, parts used, Ayurvedic properties, clinical uses, constituents with the figure of the plant. This book will be very useful for those working on medicinal plants, natural products, entrepreneurs, libraries, consultant, research scholars etc.

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Aloe Vera Handbook Cultivation, Research Findings, Products, Formulations, Extraction & Processing

Some fundamentals of this book are chemical investigations of different parts of the leaf, agro technique: Aloe Vera, economics of cultivation per hector, aloe (Aloe Vera) investment opportunity, specialty raw material market for cosmetics/toiletries, strategy for capacity creation and marketing, influence of Aloe Vera on the glycol amino glycans in the matrix of healing dermal wounds in rats, effects of low molecular constituents from Aloe Vera gel on oxidative metabolism and bactericidal activities of human neutrophils, Aloe Vera & aids research, anti diabetic activity of aloes: preliminary, aloe reduction in ulcers, erosions & hemorrhages, extraction process, processing steps, extraction process of aloe gel and powder etc. This book highlights such technical details to guide and encourage new entrepreneurs. It is very useful book for consultants, farmers, students of Agricultural universities, libraries etc.

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HandBook on Neem & Allied Products

Some of the fundamentals of the book are technology for production of insecticides of plant origin at rural level, neem seed cake as a source of pests control chemicals, neem oil as possible biorational insecticide, chemistry of neem (azadirachta indica), a sustainable source of natural pesticides, machineries for neem processing, engineering properties of neem nut, neem and transfer of technology, processing of neem fruit and seed, processing of neem oil and its utilization, uses of neem is indigenous system of medicine, cold processing of neem seed, products from neem, development of a neem formulation and its evaluation for control of crop pests, evaluation of nematicidal potential in neem, etc. The book covers cultivation of neem and processing of its products. It will be of immense value to all concerned with manufacturing of neem products; consultants Institutions or those who want to diversify in to production of neem based products.

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Handbook on Herbal Medicines

The book contains Formulae of different Herbal Medicines used in all kind of diseases. The chapters of the book are: Use of herbal medicines for masses, commonly available plants tested for lowering blood sugar, cure of goitre by Ayurvedic herbal medicines, clinical study of chalcopyrite tables in the management of common symptoms of acid dyspepsia holistic management of bronchial asthma, drugs for skin allergy, role of Ayurveda in veterinary science, manufacturers index, botanical name of drugs, research abstracts, Ayurveda on the web databases , drugs and their equivalents along with a directory section. Research scholars, professional students, scientists, new entrepreneurs, and present manufacturers will find valuable educational material and wider knowledge of herbal medicine in this book. Comprehensive in scope, the book provides solutions that are directly applicable to the detailed information of herbal medicine.

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Handbook on Cosmetics (Processes, Formulae with Testing Methods)

Some of the fundamentals of the book are regulation of cosmetic products, the relationship of cosmetic products to drugs, preservation of cosmetics, factors affecting preservation, organisms found in cosmetics, antiperspirants and deodorants, cleansing creams and lotions, baby toiletries, face powder manufacturing process, aerosol cosmetics, shaving preparations: soaps, creams, oils, and lotions, advantages and disadvantages of natural dyes, packaging cosmetic preparations, etc. The book covers formulae, manufacturing processes of various types of cosmetics like antiperspirants and deodorants, cleaning creams, lotions, emollient creams, baby toiletries, face powder, eye makeup and many more along with testing methods. This book will be great asset to new entrepreneurs, existing units, technocrats and technical institutions.

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Handbook on Herbs Cultivation and Processing

Price: 875 INR/Piece

The book covers systematic account of most plants used in medicines. This is an indispensable book which provides cultivation techniques of various herbs with their processing. The text of each plant is divided in two portions: the first devoted to the description of the species, its localities and other purely botanical matter and the second to the general character, composition, properties which are employed in medicines or otherwise. The book is very useful for new entrepreneurs, ayurvedic institutes, libraries and consultants.


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