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Manufacture of Food and Beverages (2nd Edn.)

Manufacture of Food and Beverages (2nd Edn.)

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The Food and Beverages Industry is one of the leading industrial and business segments across the world, extending over a vast chain of production, distribution and retail lines. It is the mainstay of the much of the industrial and economic activities going around the world. The food industry is a complex, global collective of diverse businesses that supply much of the food and food energy consumed by the world population. Only subsistence farmers, those who survive on what they grow, can be considered outside of the scope of the modern food industry. The beverage industry refers to the industry that produces drinks. Beverage production can vary greatly depending on which beverage is being made. The food processing is one of the most under development almost exploited segment of agriculture industry. Food processing is the set of methods and techniques used to transform raw ingredients into food or to transform food into other forms for consumption by humans either in the home or by the food processing industry. Baking is the traditional technique of prolonged cooking of food by dry heat acting by convention. Bakery product, bread products, biscuit products, and other products are a major growth area. Food preservation is one of the major parts of food processing. 
The Indian food industry was estimated at over $182 billion, accounting for about two-thirds of the country's total retail sector. Expected growth of food industry is to grow $300 billion by 2015 and by 2025, it is expected to be worth $344 billion. Consumption of non-alcoholic beverages is expected to increase by 16.5-19% over the next three years as more people are trading up to packaged drinks. Corporate manufacturers of non-alcoholic beverages are expected to grow at an annual rate of 16.5% and non-corporate manufacturers at 19%. The estimates are based on an assumed gross domestic product growth of 7%, which is much higher than the 5% growth.
The content of the book includes information about food and beverages. The major contents of this book are project profiles of projects like Food Industry, Beverage Industry, Beer, Biscuit, Bread, Chocolate Drinks (Liquid Form), Corn Flakes, Date Syrup, Date Paste, Date Jam & Date Drinks, Health Drink, Indian Made, Foreign Liquor, Lychee Juice, Packaged Drinking Water, Potato Powder, Flakes and Granules with Cold storage, Soft Drink (Aerated), Sugarcane Juice in Tetra Pack, Tomato Concentrate & Ketchup, Wine from Grape.
Project profile contains information like introduction, properties, B.I.S specification, uses and applications, manufacturing process, manufacturing process flow diagram, plant and economics, land and building, plant and machinery, fixed capital, working capital requirement/month, total working capital/month, cost of project, total capital investment, turn over/annum, profit sales ratio, rate of return, breakeven point (B.E.P).
This book is very useful for new entrepreneurs, technical institutions, existing units and technocrats.
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