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Waste Management And Effluents Treatment Books

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Handbook on Recycling & Disposal of Hospital Waste Municipal Solid Waste Biomedical Waste Plastic Waste

This book basically deals with characterization of Medical Waste, Medical Waste Data Collection Activities, Medical Waste Treatment Effectiveness, Gas Sterilization, Municipal Solid Waste, Bio-Medical Waste, Hospital Waste Incineration, Production, Use, and Disposal of Plastics and Plastic Products, Medical Waste Reuse, Recycling and Reduction, Disposal on Land, municipal and plastic waste management, Plastic Waste, incineration and number of recycling methods.

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Handbook on Organic Waste for Biological Treatment, Methane from Cattle Waste

Biological Treatment is the recycling of humus, nutrients and/or energy from biological waste by means of aerobic (composting) or anaerobic (digesting) processing. Biological treatment is an important and integral part of any wastewater treatment plant that treats wastewater from either municipality or industry having soluble organic impurities or a mix of the two types of wastewater sources. Biological wastewater treatment is an important and integral step of wastewater treatment system and it treats wastewater coming from either residential buildings or industries etc. It is often called as Secondary Treatment process which is used to remove any contaminants that left over after primary treatment

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The Complete Book on Biomass Based Products (Biochemicals, Biofuels, Activated Carbon)

This book offers comprehensive coverage of the design and analysis of biomass gasification, the key technology enabling the production of biofuels from all viable sources like sugar beet and sweet sorghum. It aims at creating an understanding of the nature of biomass resources for energy and fuels, the variety of processes that are available for conversion of the wastes into energy or fuels. The book discusses the overview of the Biomass Energy along with their Properties, Composition, Benefits, Characteristics and Manufacturing Process of Biomass based products. Also it contains suppliers contact details of plant & machinery with their photographs.

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The Complete Technology Book on E-Waste Recycling (Printed Circuit Board, LCD, Cell Phone, Battery, Computers) 3rd Revised Edition

The book covers E-waste Recycling- An Introduction, Overview of WEEE/E-Waste Management, Hazardous Materials in E-Waste, E-Waste Management System Specifications, Recycling of E-Waste, Recycling of Printed Circuit Board, Recycling of Liquid Crystal Display, Cell Phones Recycling, Battery Recycling, Computer Recycling, Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive and Environmental Aspects.

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Products From Waste (Industrial & Agro Waste) 2nd Edition

This book basically describes about the waste management options and technologies for the treatment and disposal of hazardous waste, economic policies and analysis in effluent treatment and financial constraint, municipal waste water treatment and energy recovery, cogeneration: a technology in waste reduction, utilization of industrial wastes in cement manufacture, quality and stability factors in composting, environmental legislation and enforcement mechanism etc. We have made a sincere effort to bring out this book which is a key to the goldmine which can be obtained from waste. For the conservation of our environment and sustainable development, we have tried to bring about the solution. This book is a careful attempt in bringing together some selected articles from both entrepreneurs and specialist on all that is possible in the field of waste management.

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Medical, Municipal and Plastic Waste Management Handbook

This book basically deals with characterization of medical waste, medical waste data collection activities, medical waste treatment effectiveness, gas sterilization , medical waste reuse, recycling and reduction, selection of waste management options, fundamental concepts related to hospital waste incineration , linkage of bio medical waste management with municipal waste management , waste identification and waste control program for the health care establishments, waste treatment and disposal : the rules and the available options , recycle spoiled photographic film and paper etc. Waste management is one of the essential obligatory functions of the country. This service is falling too short of the desired level of efficiency and satisfaction resulting in problems of health, sanitation and environmental degradation. This book provides overview of the status of medical, municipal and plastic waste management. A treatment technique includes sterilization, incineration and number of recycling methods.

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The Complete Guide on Industrial Pollution Control

This book is designed to assist in the identification and implementation of a cost effective program for industrial pollution monitoring, control, and abatement within the context of institutional and financial constraints present in India. The book is a complete guide on industrial pollution control in important industries like Iron and Steel, Pulp and Paper, Food processing, Chemicals, Aluminium industry, Cement, Pharmaceuticals, Paint industry and many more. This book will be very resourceful to all its readers, students, entrepreneurs, technical institution, scientist, etc.

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The Complete Book on Biological Waste Treatment and their Utilization

The book includes organic waste for biological treatment, organic waste forms and treatment strategies, transformation of liquid manure into a solid, modeling of agricultural waste treatments, utilization of Indian waste in livestock feeds etc. This book also explains the different types of organic wastes like waste from tomato, jute, cotton, agro-industries, dehydration process of onion, piggeries, poultry, milk parlour etc. This book describes the methods how organic waste can be converted into useful products like oxalic acid, oxytetracycline, humic acids etc. The book is highly recommended to new entrepreneurs, existing units who wants to get more information of organic waste treatment.

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The Complete Book on Waste Treatment Technologies (Industrial, Biomedical, Water, Electronic, Municipal, Household/ Kitchen, Farm Animal, Dairy, Poultry, Meat, Fish & Sea Food Industry Waste)

This book describes the various waste treatment technologies like; Physical treatment techniques, biological treatment techniques, anaerobic lagoon techniques etc.

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Manufacture of Value Added Products from Rice Husk (Hull) and Rice Husk Ash (RHA)

Price: 1400 INR/Piece

Manufacture of Value Added Products from Rice Husk (Hull) and Rice Husk Ash (RHA) (Precipitated Silica, Activated Carbon, Cement, Electricity, Ethanol, Hardboard, Oxalic Acid, Paper, Particle Board, Rice Husk Briquettes, Rice Husk Pellet, Silicon, Sodium Silicate Projects)(2nd Revised Edition)

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The Complete Book on Managing Food Processing Industry Waste

Price: 1275 INR/Piece

This book gives a complete detail on invaluable waste management concepts, utilization of by-products and the practical methods to implement them. This book deals on the techniques and methods for food processing wastage. Comprehensive in scope, the book provides solutions that are directly applicable to the daily waste management problems specific to the food processing industry.


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